Tuesday, October 9, 2007


DVRs for tonight:
8pm Bones
9pm House

Pixar has started researching their 2012 movie, an animated version of Burrough's John Carter of Mars.

MSNBC has listed 10 businesses they think will be gone in 10 years. Sadly, one on the list is used book stores. I can see their point, but I hope they're wrong.

Space has an interesting article on next generation telescopes and what scientists hope to use them to find.

Bittorrent is offering its technology to other companies to make their video streaming and downloading more affordable.

Denvention (the Denver Worldcon next year) is planning to have a Critter Crunch event, the original robot battle competition created by the Denver Area Mad Scientists. They are starting to pull together details for the convention. It should be fun. Anyone who wants to join should do so before Progress Report 2 in January, because that will have the Hugo nomination ballot and hotel reservation information.

George Harrison's solo work is now available from iTunes. This was the last holdout, so now all their songs are available. The Beatles' songs are still being remastered and should appear by early next year.

Just because it's weird: Play-Doh bunnies in New York (it's an ad for Sony, but a cute one).

Transparent solar panels as windows. They are working on it now. I hope they get it functional.

Scientists have designed a mostly self-sufficient space habitat. This could (far too many years from now) allow for a station on the moon or Mars that doesn't require so many costly re-supply missions. The technology will also help with sustainable farming and recycling applications here on Earth. Cool.

Check out the Nissan electric concept car. It has 3 wheels and a rotating cabin, so you can turn around and start driving at a 90 degree angle from where you were looking. It is funny looking, yet cute in a strange (my designers probably spent too much time looking at Hello Kitty) sort of way.

CNet has a slideshow today of Home Appliances of the Future (from a Japanese technology center that demos everything from the really weird to the somewhat cool).

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