Monday, June 16, 2008


RIP Stan Winston. The visual effects and makeup genius died of cancer yesterday at the age of 62. From Aliens to Jurassic Park to Galaxy Quest (along with dozens of other films), he was responsible for how SF looked on film for much of the last 30 years. See SF Signal article or IMDB for more links.

New Hubble quasar images have been released.

Auto makers are working hard to find alternatives to expensive gas: Honda has begun commercial production on hydrogen fuel cell cars, and Japanese company Genepax has developed a car that will run on water only.

The mummified remains of a duckbilled dinosaur have been found in South Dakota. It is among the best ever found in terms of preserved quality and quantity. We may soon have more than an educated guess as to what they looked like.

This couple makes me smile: After 55 years together, they will finally be able to legally get married tonight.

It sounds like the 2nd half of Battlestar Galactica's final season (which will air next year) may be longer than previously announced. It will have an extra 2 episodes and another TV movie added.

Reminder: Firefox 3 is being released tomorrow. They are aiming for record downloads for day 1, so get it tomorrow if you plan to get it.

Borderlands Books in SF (a great specialty book store that frequently hosts crowded events with good authors) wants to put in a cafe. They have a petition to put before the planning committee to support their idea. If you want to sign the petition, go to Cheryl Morgan's blog. If you want to see more ways to help, go to John Scalzi's blog.

Adult Swim has a listing of the 10 Best Star Wars Moments from Family Guy and Robot Chicken (with videos included). I'd seen the Robot Chicken ones, but not the Family Guy ones.

DVR for tonight:
5pm The Middleman (ABC Family - premiere)
10:30pm Dana Carvey special (HBO)

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