Monday, June 23, 2008


RIP George Carlin. The comedy legend died last night at age 71.
Yahoo Obituary - LA Times Obituary (from Zap2It) - Comments by John Scalzi - E! Online Obituary with video - Response from other comedians

The Locus Award winners have been announced. Yiddish Poliemen's Union won Best Novel.

Cinemaroll has a list of 10 Must See Classic Science Fiction Movies. I've actually seen about 7 of these, and they range from extremely campy to great films, which makes them strange to see on a list together. I can think of a couple others they should have included, but it's an amusing list.

Black cloud: Cody's Books has closed completely. They were a great independent bookstore for about 50 years with locations in San Francisco and Berkeley. I'll miss their author events. Potential silver lining: Neil Gaiman mentions he's glad Kepler's is still in business, so here's hoping that the independent bookstore that I pass every day on my commute will actually start to draw some of the authors who can no longer go to Cody's Books.

My traditional "get ready for the olympics" movie (at least for the last 24 years) is finally coming to DVD. The First Olympics will be released this August (just before the summer Olympics begins).

Dean Devlin will be producing an 80-minute SF thriller called Blank Slate that will be shown in 20 pieces on TNT and starting in September.

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