Thursday, June 5, 2008


NASA is very close to developing an earthquake warning system. They have discovered that there are distinctive electrical disturbances in the ionosphere before earthquakes. Read the BBC News article for more info.

A new generation of batteries for hybrid cars will be much more affordable.

Gary Cole ("Crusade") has joined the cast of Rob Thomas' new show "Good Behavior", and Jeffrey Tambor will also guest star.

SF Universe previews The Middleman (coming to ABC Family Monday after next), which they describe as "three parts Austin Powers, two parts Men In Black, one part X-Files all mixed together with just a touch of Gilmore Girls". I'll give it a try.

Good news and bad news for Torchwood fans. Season 3 has been confirmed, but it looks like it will take the form of a 5-hour single-arc mini-series, and there have been no reports of what will come after that (or when).

NASA has a great shot of a Martian sunset (captured 3 years ago) as their image of the day.

DVR for tonight:
6pm McBride: Requiem (Hallmark) - This actually aired 1st this weekend, but I missed it.

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