Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The lead actor from New Amsterdam has been cast as the main character in Virtuality, Ronald D. Moore's upcoming SF pilot about Earth's first starship.

EW.com has a great photo gallery chronicling the life and career of George Carlin. As a tribute, HBO will be playing 11 of his specials over the next couple days.

Follow-up to an earlier post: Apparently the existence of the "undiscovered" Amazon tribe has been known about for 100 years, they just were not contacted. The photos seem to be part of an effort to protect the rain forest near them from logging by increasing global awareness of the issue, which unfortunately led to some misleading articles.

SF Signal posted that Project Gutenberg has 7 new Edgar Rice Burroughs stories available for free on their site (Tarzan and Mars stories). When I looked at the site, it looks like they have most of his novels, and most include audiobook versions.

Nothing for the DVR tonight.

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