Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friday the 13th

An architectural designer made a New York apartment into a giant scavenger hunt/puzzle box. They have pictures at and an article at the New York Times.

Smashing Magazine has some amazing space and nebula images and wallpapers. Some are from NASA and other observatories, some are by artists.

Neil Gaiman posted Wednesday to remind people that the Waterstones auction is over and the story postcards are now available to read online. (The site was too busy for me to reach it yesterday, but maybe today will be better.) If you prefer to wait for the book, it will be published in about 2 months.

The British Fantasy Society has released their long list of recommended/nominated works.

Locus has an article about 8 SF novels that are being touted as "contemporary classics". I haven't read any of them, although 3 have been on my TBR list for ages. Has anyone read them? Do you agree that they will influential for future SF?

NASA has awarded a contract for new space suit designs. CNet has a slideshow of the rough designs as well as previous models.

DVR for tonight:
6pm Doctor Who
7pm Battlestar Galactica (summer "finale")

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