Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Due to some reminiscing at the Great Moonbuggy Race this year, NASA has revealed how duct tape saved the day in the Apollo 17 moon landing.

CNet has a couple slideshows for Earth Day: a photo guide to plastic recycling and NASA's Top 10 views of Earth. Another was added for Earth images from space.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed, and Brian Austin Green will be a series regular for season 2.

Marvel has announced they are adapting Ender's Game into a comic later this year. Orson Scott Card will oversee the project. He is excited to get the story into a visual medium, one step closer to a movie.

New Scientist has 17 scientists telling the books that influenced them or changed their lives. Some are SF and some aren't, and if you click on the selection you can read what they have to say about the book and if there are other books they rank nearly as high.

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