Monday, April 14, 2008


Warrick will be leaving CSI. Gary Dourdan announced he is not renewing his contract, which expires next month.

Russia is planning to build an orbital plant to build spaceships (so large or awkward ships don't need to be fired into space before traveling). Construction is tentatively scheduled for about the time the ISS is being decommissioned.

Dubai officials impounded 2 ships believed to have caused the undersea cable breaks that disrupted internet service earlier this year. They were identified from satellite photos. One ship has been released after paying a large fine.

John Scalzi reports that the hardcover of Android's Dream has been remaindered. If you haven't read anything by him, get this book while it's cheap. It was wonderful.

Sci-Fi Fan Letter has a listing of books that start on a farm with the characters dreaming of better things. I need to go check the starts of a few books, because I am sure I have read this in more books than they list.

Fox has given the greenlight to 2 SF shows. Anyone want to bet how many episodes actually air before Fox, being Fox, cancels them? The first is "Virtuality" and was written by Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor of Battlestar Galactica. The premise is that the 12 crew members of Earth's first starship use VR to keep their minds active during their 10-year trip to explore a distant solar system. Then the VR develops a mysterious bug... The 2nd show is "Boldly Going Nowhere", a comedy about the routine on an intergalactic starship (does this one-sentence description remind anyone else of the British show "Hyperdrive"?).

Lost and Grey's Anatomy will each film an extra hour this season, extending out the finale dates.

Contrary to previous announcements, the switch from analog to digital TV will not just affect antenna users. Some basic cable users will also have a problem. Either their cable company will convert and send an analog transmission, or they will need converter boxes (basically switch to digital cable tiers). If you plug a cable directly from the wall to your TV, then you should check with the company that sends the signal.

DVRs for tonight:
5pm Greek
8pm Bones & Big Bang Theory
830 How I Met Your Mother
9pm New Amsterdam & 2.5 Men
10pm Medium

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