Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The Computer History Museum in Mountain View will have a full-scale version of Charles Babbage's difference engine (one of only 2 in the world) on display for 6 months starting May 1st. CNet has a slideshow of the installation.

RIP Stanley Kamel. The "oh him" character actor most recently known as Monk's psychiatrist died yesterday of a heart attack at age 65. He acted in over 100 TV shows (and a few movies) over the last 39 years.

SF Signal has an interview with theoretical physicist Dr. Michiu Kaku about science and science fiction.

Gateworld magazine (as told by has details about the premise of the next Stargate series. It will be based on a ship built by the ancients to follow up and explore areas where they have seeded gates.

Amazon is offering their favorite Stargate episodes as free downloads. Since I have them on dvd, my main curiosity was to see which are their favorites (Torment of Tantalus, Window of Opportunity, and Lost City pt 1+2).

Disney previewed their next 10 animated movies (all but 2 will be 3-D). Release dates range from this June for Wall*E to Christmas 2012 for King of Elves. Check out the article for the (extremely brief) descriptions. This article from E! has slightly more detailed descriptions.

The executive producer of CSI has posted a deleted scene from last week's episode on YouTube. (For anyone who wants to see Catherine snooping around Grissom's apartment for clues about Sara.)

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