Wednesday, April 2, 2008


NBC has released their fall schedule. Chuck and Heroes stay in the same place, followed by the new Christian Slater spy show. Knight Rider will be on Wednesdays. Scrubs is gone (moving to ABC) and Bionic Woman was canceled. My Name is Earl is still in the same place. Fridays get Life at 10pm and a new Robinson Crusoe story at 8pm. Nothing else interests me. If you want to see their winter and summer 2009 schedules or descriptions of the new shows, you can see them here.

Firefox 3 beta 5 has been released. CNet covers some of the changes.

4 of the Hugo-nominated novels (Brasyl, Rollback, The Last Colony, and Halting State) are now available as e-books for any Denvention 3 member who requests them.

Fans of Moonlight are arranging a nationwide blood donation campaign to draw awareness to the show, even though it doesn't appear to be in any danger of cancellation.

French paleontologists are X-raying amber to identify prehistoric insects and then printing 3D plastic models of them.

DVRs for tonight:
10pm CSI:NY & Men in Trees

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