Friday, April 4, 2008

4-4-08 has a primer for Battlestar Galactica to answer questions and get you caught up before the season premier tonight. is planning more extensive webisode stories for Chuck and Heroes now the new writers' contracts allow for it.

In his livejournal this week, brokenlibrarian says how he heard about Captain Video from his dad and recently found some on YouTube (he's embedded a video in the journal). Since I heard about it from Mom but never thought to look on YouTube, I am passing on the link and the suggestion.

Dimension Films has acquired the remake rights to Short Circuit and hired the original writers to do the script.

George Clooney has irrevocably dropped his WGA status (he still pays dues and is covered by the contract, but officially he is a non-member: he can't vote, attend meetings, or run for office). He claims to have re-written all but a few scenes of Leatherheads, but the guild denied him a writing credit, and this is his protest.

DVRs for tonight:
7pm Battlestar Galactica
8pm Ghost Whisperer
10pm Numb3rs

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