Monday, April 7, 2008


An alligator may one day save your life. Researchers have found that proteins in the blood of alligators can fight 23 types of bacteria (triple that of humans), including those behind staph, yeast infections, and possibly even HIV. Drugs derived from these proteins may be available within 10 years. More info at

PC World is showing off the 10 Coolest Gadgets we can't buy in the US. There are a couple (like the robot that is a voice-activated remote control) that I think would be nice to have.

The lynx is making a comeback in the Italian Alps.

The Telegraph is listing the 110 books it thinks make up the perfect library (about 15 are Fantasy or SF). Mostly long-accepted classics with few surprises, but it makes me want to check the non-fiction & general fiction portion of our family library to see what percentage we have.

A new unit of HarperCollins is forming that will experiment with different ways of selling books. They want to cut advances and give authors a larger royalty instead, eliminate book returns, and include ebook and audio versions with a hardcover sale at no additional cost.

YouTube has a video showing cities at night, filmed by astronaut Don Pettit.

RIP: Charlton Heston died on Saturday at age 84. I may not have liked his politics, but I did like some of his movies.

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