Friday, December 28, 2007


Coincidence? 2 sites this morning are recommending the same author: David Anthony Durham and his debut fantasy novel Acacia (he has written historical novels before, but this is his first genre work). He is the guest blogger on John Scalzi's Month of Writers post this morning with the suggestion that he might be a Campbell nominee. Fantasy Magazine also included him in their recommended fantasy list for 2007 (I'm not yet sure if it is a very short list because they don't like some of the other works I've read this year or because they are focusing on books that might be overlooked).

The Chronicle has an article on recycling electronics, reminding me I have a couple items taking up space that I should recycle.

More studios have announced their movies for 2008: Universal (which includes Mummy 3), Paramount (which includes Indy 4, Spiderwick Chronicles, & Star Trek), and Warner Brothers (which includes Harry Potter 6).

Netscape is now officially dead, making this a sad day for those of us who remember the internet before Microsoft joined in. I haven't used Netscape since Firefox was developed, and it hasn't been good since bought up by AOL, but it changed the way the young internet was used. BBC News has a better article on it here.

David Letterman actually reached a deal with the WGA, so when he goes back on the air next week, it will be with writers and not crossing picket lines. Cool! Now for the rest of the production companies.

I like the story about Nin, the 17-year old cat who is retiring as mascot of a New Hampshire meteorological observatory. The last paragraph where they talk about evaluating successors reminds me that most indoor-outdoor cats that I know don't have the sense this boy did to come inside in a storm (yes, Marcus, that includes you).

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