Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The Golden Globes & the Oscars were denied waivers from the WGA. They will be picketing. That means no scripted monologues or quips, a lot of people won't cross the picket lines and actually show up, and NO clips can be shown. The production company is trying to negotiate a separate contract, unlike the major studios who all announced yesterday that they weren't interested in separate contracts.

Peter Jackson, New Line Cinema and MGM have put their differences aside and agreed to make TWO movies based on The Hobbit. They plan to film back-to-back in 2009 and air them in 2010 and 2011. Jackson will produce, but they haven't named a writer or director yet. Jackson says he doesn't have time to write/direct and meet the schedule, but will maintain creative control. According to this article, they plan to have the 1st movie cover the events of the book and the 2nd movie cover the 80 years between that and the start of the Rings.

NBC is already mining cable for new shows. It plans to encore Monk & Psych episodes on Sunday nights in March.

PG&E plans to be the first US company to invest in wave energy, building a wave farm off the coast of Eureka by 2012.

Yahoo Maps has made some improvements. Borrowing from Google, you can now drag-and-drop your route to a different street and have it recalculate the directions. It will also tell you how many miles were saved or added by the change. They've also integrated more business listings & reviews from Yahoo Local.

DVR for tonight:
Life on Mars (BBCA)

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