Tuesday, December 11, 2007

12-11-07 Couch Potato Corner

Gillian Anderson will be hosting Masterpiece Theater for PBS when it returns next year. They are going to focus their lineup into categories (period pieces, mysteries, and contemporary dramas) instead of mixing it all up. The period pieces air first, and several of the shows sound promising: the Complete Jane Austen (adaptations of all 6 books and a biography), My Boy Jack (with Daniel Radcliffe as Kipling's son), a miniseries with Judi Dench, and a new version of Room with a View.

New Firefly/Serenity stuff from Dark Horse comics: a new 3-issue comic series, a hardcover collection of the previous comic series, 2 lunch boxes & 2 Christmas ornaments.

ABC is pulling the last 3 Big Shots episodes from the schedule, replacing them with Private Practice reruns. Wow, the ratings must have been really bad. I can't believe they are actually shelving any scripted programming when there is no end in sight to this strike.

TV networks are reimbursing advertisers for low ratings (NBC is giving about $500,000 each, the quantities for CBS, ABC and FOX were not specified). This is for ratings prior to the strike, when they still had new programming. They are really going to be hurting in the next couple months.

Life on Mars season 2 starts on BBC America tonight at 8pm.

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