Thursday, December 27, 2007


Fox and Disney have announced their release schedule for movies next year. There are a few I'm curious about, even a few I've heard about, but I wonder how many aren't listed because they were delayed by the strike.

John Scalzi has been handing over his blog to a guest post by another writer each day this month while he tries to finish a book. Some of the posts have been really good. Today's entry in the Month of Writers is Ellen Kushner, reminding me I really need to read her newest book.

It sounds like Alexander Graham Bell stole the idea for the telephone from an application at the patent office.

Film preservation for digital films is much more expensive and problematic than for film. The New York Times has an interesting article on the problem.

Today has a year-in-review article on spaceflight happenings in 2007, a slideshow of the Best Space Discoveries of 2007, and an article on all of the Robotic Exploration currently going on in space.

From a best technology impact list for 2007 (I don't recommend the entire article because they were entirely too excited about Facebook), I found out about a development I missed earlier this year: Witricity. MIT researchers managed to wirelessly transmit energy to power up small devices. They plan to develop it for recharging small devices without plugging them in (no more cords, adapters, or dead batteries because you can't find the right charger).

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