Sunday, December 16, 2007


A Pern movie came a step closer to becoming a reality this week. Copperheart Entertainment of Candada optioned the novels.

RIP Dan Fogelberg. The singer-songwriter died of prostate cancer today at 56.

There's a definitive list of Pixar in-jokes and self-references here.

Apparently the posting that Harlan Ellison was annoyed because of Star Trex XI plot elements was a fabrication. A new report has him denying the rumors and saying that a friend who has seen the script has told him that the Guardian of Forever does not appear.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke turned 90 today, and made the following birthday wishes: ET contact, use of clean energy instead of oil, and peace in Sri Lanka.

David Letterman's production company is trying to negotiate an independent deal with the Writers Guild to restart production. The WGA, faced with the AMPTP that shows no sign of wanting to negotiate, is approaching individual companies for separate agreements. However, even if they reach a deal, there is no guarantee that CBS will agree to show new eps, since they are still standing with AMPTP.

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