Wednesday, December 19, 2007


While not an official announcement, it appears that USA has canceled Dead Zone and 4400. I've been expecting Dead Zone to end for 3 years, so this wasn't a surprise (and I still haven't gotten around to watching most of the last season, so I don't know how well or badly it ends), but I'm disappointed about 4400. I wanted to see where they went from that finale. Update: now it is official.

Stanford researchers have found that by using silicon microwires in lithium-ion batteries, they can increase the battery lifespan by 10 times (a 2 hour charge instead lasts 20 hours). This will be an amazing advancement for laptops, electric cars, etc.

The Software & Information Industry Association have started a new program to stop pirates. If you unknowingly buy software online that turns out to be a pirate copy, and you report it, they will give you up to $500.

There is absolutely nothing on TV tonight. This is a good time for a book or a dvd.

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