Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Why do people re-make movies they don't appreciate? A likely destruction of Topper is in the works.

Sanctuary has begun filming season 2, and SciFi Wire has a picture of the new cast member.

Space.com has a new Hubble photo of a galaxy that looks like a dusty halo instead of a spiral.

The process of digitally remastering the entire Beatles catalog is complete. They will go on sale in September, but there is still no word when they'll be available online.

SciFi has announced casting of Riverworld (including Tahmoh Penikett from BSG and Dollhouse) and Phantom.

Leonard Nimoy has been cast as a recurring character on Fringe (as Walter Bishop's former lab partner who now heads Massive Dynamic). He will appear in the season finale and an arc next season (which I guess means they're getting renewed). More info at SciFi Wire.

Ausiello Files interview about this week's shocking House episode. (DO NOT READ until you have seen the episode.)

New discovery may end the need for immune-suppressing drugs following a transplant.

Alyx O'Laughlin (Moonlight) has 2 upcoming movies as well as a new show for CBS.

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