Thursday, April 23, 2009


Zap2It has a breakdown of the pilots for NBC and drama pilots for Fox. None of these interest me from the info given.

ABC announced renewals for 12 more shows - with the remaining ones presumed to be canceled. No big surprises.

Will Smith is producing a movie for SciFi called "Unfinished Business" that could turn into a series.

There are rumors (which I doubt are real) that the 4th Twilight movie might not get made because they can't figure out a way to make the subject matter work on-screen. On a better note for the series, Zap2It has a picture of the wolfpack from the set of New Moon.

Space & astronomy photos & news:

BBC has an article on using e-book readers to keep newspapers alive.

Studies have linked vitamin A & C deficiencies to increased risk for asthma.

Listverse lists the Top 20 Films of the 90s. I've seen all but about 7 or 8 (#20 sounds familiar but I don't remember if I saw it or not) and some are come-upon-it favorites that I've seen over and over.

Wired had an issue specializing in puzzles:
Wired also has an interview with Neil Gaiman about his "love letter to Batman".

CNN has an article on the nutrient-rich Maya nut which grows in Central America and the woman who is showing natives how to find and prepare it.

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