Friday, April 10, 2009


RIP Dave Arneson. The co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons died this week at 61. Sources:, SciFi Wire, Wired Game/Life, SF Signal

Zap2It reports on guest stars for Bones (Zach) & Dollhouse (Wash from Firefly) during May.

The Clash of the Titans remake is going to have a good cast. Liam Neeson & Ralph Fiennes just joined.

Sometime in the next 3 years, I need to make it back down to the Monterey Aquarium to see the Sea Horse exhibit they've added.

Cell phones that can connect to a satellite when there is no signal - coming sooner than I expected (although I may still need to wait for the price to drop).

In honor of the Easter weekend, Computerworld is listing the best Easter Eggs in software.

Want to look like a cross between Iron Man & Mantis? A Japanese company is making robotic body suits for people.

New Red Dwarf airs this weekend
in the UK. Now to find when we can see it in the US.

Stem cell advancements for MS.

They can now do cartilage transplants instead of replacing an entire knee.

Someone is about to build a functional replica of the first electronic computer.

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