Monday, April 13, 2009


NASA will reveal the new name of Node 3 on The Colbert Report on Tuesday this week. I wonder what he'll say if they call it Serenity.

Ed Quinn (Eureka) has been cast in True Blood.

Michael Sheen has been cast as Aro in New Moon (the Twilight sequel).

DVRs for the week:
Mon 5pm Greek
Mon 8pm Chuck & Big Bang Theory & House
Mon 830 How I Met Your Mother
Mon 9pm Heroes & 2.5 Men
Mon 10pm Medium
Tue 8pm Reaper
Tue 9pm Fringe
Tue 10pm Cupid
Wed 8pm Bones & Scrubs
Wed 9pm Lost
Thu 7pm Krod Mandoon
Thu 8pm Bones & My Name is Earl
Thu 9pm CSI
Sat 6pm Ashes to Ashes

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