Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Amazon just bought the company that makes Stanza (the ebook reader I use on my iPhone). I wonder about what this will mean for Stanza functionality, although they say there won't be any changes. I mainly use Stanza to read books I purchased at Fictionwise (which was recently purchased by Barnes & Noble). Sources: SF Gate, CNet, AppleInsider, PC World, Lexcycle announcment. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see the CNet review of Stanza's most recent version update to see what it is.)

RIP Tom Deitz. The author died yesterday of heart failure.

Locus Award finalists have been announced. The winners will be announced in June. Sources: SF Signal, John Scalzi

I've loved the last 2 episodes of Chuck this season (and there better be more next season). I'm going to share some Chuck-related posts I've found:
* Review of finale episode by What's Alan Watching
* Reviews of last week's episode by What's Alan Watching and SF Scope.
* 2-part interview with Chuck's co-creator: Part 1 was 3 weeks ago, Part 2 was last night
* SciFi Wire interviews Scott Bakula at the 20th anniversary of Quantum Leap (and asks about Chuck and Enterprise too).

The largest amateur model rocket was launched on Saturday. A 1/10 scale Saturn V rocket. See Rocketry Planet article for the pre-launch construction info & plans. See Popular Mechanics article for photos from the launch. Update: Wired now has a follow-up with video.

NASA is testing a full-scale mockup of their new "moonship" in the ocean for landing trials.

As I'm clearing through some old articles, I found io9 has 2 updates on Pushing Daisies comics (with potential story direction comments). First article, 2nd article.

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