Friday, January 2, 2009


The new Doctor Who has been announced as Matt Smith (not Paterson Joseph like everyone was betting). He will be the youngest Doctor (at 26). I haven't seen him in anything yet. Sources: The UK Telegraph, Zap2It, Futon Critic.

RIP Pat Hingle. The longtime character actor best known as playing Commissioner Gordon in 4 Batman movies has died at 84.

Terry Pratchett is now a knight.

British scientists have developed a molecule that coats and neutralizes undesirable substances in the bloodstream, including medications that are no longer needed, poisons, alcohol, and venom. In 3 minutes (the time it takes to circulate), the substances can effectively be removed from the bloodstream.

Grape seed extracts are proving successful in killing leukemia cells without damage to normal cells.

There is nothing new on TV tonight.

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