Thursday, January 22, 2009


Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman) will appear in the Doctor Who Easter special (there have been rumors she might be the next companion).

The Oscar nominees have been announced. I think I'm at an all-time low for number I've seen (even counting special effects and animated categories, I've seen 2 nominated films).

UK scientists have developed a topical cream that stops virus replication and transmission if used within a week before exposure to Herpes. The research could lead to a vaccine or help for other viruses.

SciFi Wire has an article on long-delayed sequels. It seems funny they are making it sound like a competition over which fans waited the longest, when some of their examples are for books where a sequel was never expected.

Russia announced this is the last year for space tourists.

CNet has an interesting article about an invention that turns trash into energy through gasification. It takes up about 3 parking spaces, looks like a truck, and turns the trash from a building into the energy it needs.

Last Friday, John Scalzi was at Borderlands Books in SF for a very funny reading session with Mary Robinette Kowal. (I was there, but way in the back, so you can't see me in the photo he posted.) If you missed it, he has started to post excerpts on his blog: The Petmaster 2000 improv and Alternate History Search Results are available now with more to come later.

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