Friday, January 30, 2009

1-30-09 Science/Technology Roundup

Just as the switch from incandescent to fluorescent lights is starting to happen, it looks like LED lights are about to arrive. New ways of building the lights make them cheap enough to be practical, and they last 10 times as long for 1/3 the power of a fluorescent, without any mercury in the bulb.

Researchers have developed a new semiconductor ink that will allow for flexible monitors.

Technology Review and CNet Crave both have articles on developments toward making an invisibility cloak.

The New York Times has an article explaining why people in the US can't just waive their cellphones to pay for things. It's not technology in the way (since they can do it in Japan), it is people arguing over details.

CNet Green has an article on using geothermal systems instead of a furnace to heat buildings.

Studies using a patient's own stem cells to reset their immune system seem to be reversing MS symptoms.

NASA has released a video tour of the ISS on YouTube. It is in 4 parts.

An inventor has made a pedal-powered submarine modeled after dolphin movement (that looks like a small whale) he plans to use to cross the Atlantic later this year.

Scientists have developed a new hybrid nuclear system that burns up waste.

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