Monday, January 12, 2009


The Preliminary ballot for the Nebula Awards has been released.

I found 2 lists for genre movies coming in 2009: io9 lists the big ones, and iconocritic lists 9 unknown ones.

There's lots of great new tech news from the Consumer Electronics Show:
- Wireless USB is coming
- CNet has a slideshow (things seen at the show focus)
- Wired also has a slideshow (gadget focus)
- New laptops shown
- USB 3.0 discussed
- CNet Crave article
- Polaroid is back as a digital camera with built-in printer
- Mead has a telescope "for dummies"

DVR settings for the week:
Mon 6pm Kyle XY
Mon 8pm Big Bang Theory
Mon 830 How I Met Your Mother
Mon 9pm 2.5 Men
Tues 7pm Leverage
Tues 9pm Scrubs
Wed 10pm CSI:NY
Thu 8pm Bones & My Name is Earl
Thu 9pm CSI, Supernatural & Grey's Anatomy
Thu 10pm Eleventh Hour & Private Practice
Fri 6pm Monk (repeats at 9)
Fri 7pm Battlestar Galactica (repeats at 9:04) & Psych (repeats at 10)
Fri 8pm Ghost Whisperer
Fri 10pm Numb3rs
Sat SYN Legend of the Seeker
Sun - nothing

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