Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A sad day for the theater: the American Musical Theater of San Jose has closed its doors and is filing for bankruptcy. I've seen several great plays there and was looking forward to another in a few months. :(

An accidental discovery during solar cell research may lead to better digital cameras.

CBS has ordered 5 more episodes of Eleventh Hour (not the full back-9, but still a pickup).

Courtney B. Vance (The Last Supper, etc.) and Jack Davenport (Coupling, Pirates of the Caribbean) have been cast in a new SF show for ABC called Fast Forward. It is based on a book by Robert J. Sawyer that I haven't read yet.

SciFi Channel gave the BSG prequel Caprica a green light.

Circlet Press is offering free SF/F erotica like an advent calendar - one story per day for 23 days (stories only available for one day each).

Amazon is sponsoring the 2nd year of the Give-1-get-1 program for the One Laptop Per Child laptops.

CNet has an article on the latest improvements Google Maps have made with their Street View.

Wired has an amusing article and slideshow about geek hotels around the world.

iTunes will start selling ebooks which have a reader bundled with the book download, so an installed reader isn't necessary.

The International Space Station is celebrating a decade in orbit, and CNet has a slideshow.

The makers of Slingbox have started a video site at sling.com which is similar to Hulu.com but has some tempting features.

DVR for tonight:
8pm House
9pm Fringe

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