Friday, December 5, 2008


Joseph Fiennes and John Cho are in negotiations to join the cast of Fast Forward.

SF Signal lists a huge batch of free SF short stories that are now available online (including stories by Jack McDevitt and Nina Kiriki Hoffman).

Neil Gaiman lists his favorite 3 books for Barnes & Noble. How is it that I've only read one of these?

The Well Medicated blog has 45 vintage illustrations from Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, or similar showing how people imagined the space age would look.

SF Signal links to discussions on what your bookshelves say about you. However, in the 2 schools of thought they mention, they don't seem to consider the combination. My bookshelf is very much a combination of books I've read and liked and books I intend to read at some point (and I do periodically chip away at those).

The BBC is planning yet another version of The Day of the Triffids. Haven't they told this story enough?

MTV Movies blog has an interview with JMS about his World War Z movie adaptation.

Crystals found in Australian rocks have made scientists completely rethink the way the Earth would have looked 4.2 million years ago.

This week the New York Times had an article filled with chestnut recipes. I like chestnuts, but tend to serve them the same couple ways all the time. I might try some of these.

SciFi Wire has an article about the 3rd Librarian movie, playing this Sunday on TNT.

DVRs for tonight:
Stargate: Atlantis
Ghost Whisperer
--for Saturday:
Legend of the Seeker
--for Sunday:
Librarian 3: Curse of the Judas Chalice (TNT)

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