Monday, December 15, 2008


The year-end lists are arriving early. Network World has The Wackiest Stories of 2008.

Robert Carlyle (Full Monty) has been cast as the lead in Stargate: Universe. Sources: Zap2It, SciFi Wire, EW.

The Fall 2008 issue of Subterranean Online is now available with stories by Alastair Reynolds, Chris Roberson, and Mary Robinette Kowal (among others).

Ronald Moore's (BSG) new show, Virtuality, will be delayed or completely rewritten (probably because the people at FOX just didn't get it). More info at io9.

The Writer's Guild Nominations (for TV) have been announced. 3 of the 5 shows nominated for best new series are ones I actually like. Who'd have guessed it? Most of the other categories have barely one nominee I've even seen.

The actor who played House's PI this season will have an arc as a con man on CSI.

Although not confirmed, it sounds like Lost season 5 may air uninterrupted.

Geek toys I felt the need to share: celestial globe, R2D2 aquarium

DVRs for tonight:
8pm Chuck, Big Bang Theory, & Sarah Connor Chronicles
830 How I Met Your Mother
9pm Heroes & 2.5 Men

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