Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Happy 40th anniversary to the computer mouse. The BBC has an article with videos (including some of the original demo). CNet has a photo gallery. Wired has a photo gallery and an article about the demo and the Stanford event today to celebrate it. (Check out the Wired gallery for great trivia - like the trackball being 16 years older than the mouse.) Last week Logitech celebrated the creation of their 1 billionth mouse, and they've come a long way since the original piece of wood with one button.

Google is going to have complete catalogs of several magazines available online.

Wired.com is having a photo contest for animal pictures. Check out some of the pics submitted so far.

Wired also has a new picture of the Swan Nebula taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope.

NBC is going to move Jay Leno to 10pm every night. With "reality" already taking up the 8pm hour of most nights, this will significantly reduce the amount of scripted programming they air.

SciFi Wire has an interview with Charlaine Harris about True Blood, her next Sookie Stackhouse book, and some of her mysteries.

Treehugger.com's Design and Architecture page has a cool expanding bookcase.

Preliminary studies show that cord blood transplants engraft faster than bone marrow transplants, reducing the risk for patients.

DVRs for tonight:
8pm House
9pm Leverage (pilot at 9, new ep at 10)

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