Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After 41 years, the Dumarest saga will be concluded this December with the 33rd volume. Starting next year, the entire saga will be republished in 3-5 book omnibus editions.

One more cheesy SciFi Saturday movie I'm going to end up watching despite the "plot": Alien Western just started filming with James Marsters in the lead role.

The Grasping for Wind site asked a bunch of bloggers what the best SF books and anthologies of the past year were and then posted their responses. I have several of these, but sense some shopping in my future.

SciFi Wire has comments from the creator of the UK Life on Mars about the US version. (He likes it.)

Researchers have made a fabric that never gets wet, even when submerged for months.

DVR for tonight:
8pm House (long ep)
9:08 Fringe

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