Friday, December 12, 2008


RIP Van Johnson. He died today at 92. I feel the need to go rewatch one of his movies (Brigadoon, A Guy Named Joe, Three Guys Named Mike, The Last Time I Saw Paris, etc....)

Tonight will have the largest full moon in 15 years. Remember to look up.

Happy Birthday to the radio. Marconi first demonstrated it on this day in 1896.

A Lifetime Achievement award has been given to cat videos. Check out the tribute montage.

Used coffee grounds apparently are a good source of biodiesel fuel.

Darpa (with partners) is planning to make algae into jet fuel.

Hugh Jackman will be hosting the Oscars this year. Is he the first non-comedian to host?

Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) is coming back to TV comedy.

SciFi Wire has the creator of Fast Forward discussing how they will do the show.

Scientists have found a 2,000 year old brain (the oldest yet discovered in Britain).

Google has taken Chrome out of beta after only 100 days.

CNet has a slideshow with commentary on electric cars.

And, in the seriously disturbing category, an inventor has made himself a robot wife.

DVR for tonight:
Stargate: Atlantis

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