Thursday, October 2, 2008


Strangest wine gadget I've ever heard of: an inventor has made an ultrasound machine shaped like a wine bucket that ages wine. You put in a cheap young bottle of wine and it comes out 30 minutes later tasting like a fine aged vintage.

James Earl Jones has received many awards over the years, but his first SAG award will be the Lifetime Achievement award. It will be presented in January.

John Mahoney (aka Frasier's dad) will guest star on Burn Notice in February, and rumors are already flying over who he might be playing (one of these choices was confirmed: old boss, "dead" father, one of the powerful people behind the burn notice, or Carla's handler).

Here is the corrected link for the website posting Neil Gaiman readings from the Graveyard Book tour.

Fox has given Fringe a full season order. I guess that means it is safe for me to start watching the episodes piling up on my DVR. has a great Hubble image to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

Super Punch has some great retro posters for planetary travel (and links to some for time travel).

We will get to see Amanda Tapping back in Stargate, not just in Sanctuary. She confirmed this week that she is in the Atlantis finale as well as a 3rd SG-1 movie and the Atlantis movie.

Toshiba has a new battery that charges to 90% in 10 minutes and can be recharged 5,000-6,000 times (not just 500).

DVRs for tonight:
8pm My Name is Earl (NBC - 1 hour)
9pm Supernatural (CW)

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