Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

JMS will be writing an update/remake of Forbidden Planet. If anyone can write this in a way that would make it watchable to me, it would be him.

To promote their video service, Amazon is offering sales on TV series full season downloads. Heroes is $5 per season. Unfortunately, the other shows initially offered at $5 are now just 20% off. It may be worth watching to see if the sales change again.

SFWA responds to the Google vs. Author Guild settlement announced yesterday.

The Economist
has an article about ray guns moving from science fiction to reality.

Pushing Daisies is in danger, but contrary to some rumors, it has NOT been canceled. The ratings for the most recent episode went up, and the network is waiting for post-election ratings to decide if they will order any more episodes.

DVR for tonight:
8pm Ghost Whisperer
10pm Numb3rs
-- for Saturday:
Primeval (season finale)
& possibly the pilot for Legend of the Seeker (syndicated)
-- for Sunday:
True Blood

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