Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Google is resurrecting January 2001 in an archive site as part of their 10th birthday celebration. has an article on predictions and plans for NASA's next 50 years.

The Mercury News has reviewed and ranked a few of the multitude of taco shops in my neighborhood. I'm a bit amazed that someone was up to the challenge. Of course, they left off one of my favorites.

As a side effect of HBO's True Blood series, all 7 of the Sookie Stackhouse books are now in the New York Time's Bestseller list (ranging from #3 to #19).

DVRs for tonight:
8pm Bones (FOX)
8pm Pushing Daisies (ABC - season premiere!!)
8pm Knight Rider (I'll skip this for now & catch up online if I like the 1st one when I see it)
9pm Private Practice (ABC - season premiere)
10pm CSI:NY (CBS)

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