Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Google and the Authors Guild have come to an agreement about book scanning. The Mercury News has a better article here.

Heartwarming animal story of the day: A cat in a hat brings $10 million in tourist money to a small town.

The movie of The Colour of Magic is coming to dvd on November 2nd if you can view region 2 dvds, and playing on the ION channel on November 23rd in the US.

Microsoft released information on Windows 7 (may it be better than Vista). Several sites have images and analysis of the new features: CNet slideshow, CNet article, PC Magazine, and Extreme Tech.

Mozilla's next browser is Minefield, and it may be faster than Firefox.

The Ex List has been pulled from the schedule. It is not clear if they will ever complete (let alone air) the 13 episode order.

Joaquin Phoenix is retiring from acting in favor of music.

DVRs for tonight:
8pm Pushing Daisies
9pm Private Practice
10pm CSI:NY

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