Friday, January 25, 2008

More news to start the weekend

China's space program is doing great and they may televise their first spacewalk later this year.

Courtesy of Neil Gaiman's blog, I found a great website with strange maps today. They have everything from political caricature maps from the early 1900s to a map of the island in Lost.

CNet has an article about Frontline's program "Growing Up Online", and how this is creating the biggest generation gap since Rock 'n' Roll.

Scientists have developed a helmet they think might help with Alzheimer's therapy.

A practical consumer fuel cell may be coming soon.

There is a great article at Inside Bay Area today about the first public showing of the Vick dogs that have been being cared for by BAD RAP and the help the Oakland Raiders are giving to the dogs.

TV possibilities for the weekend:
Saturday -
8pm - CBS - The Superbowl's greatest commercials
9pm - Hallmark - Daniel's Daughter (not genre, but it might be watchable)
10pm - BBCA - Torchwood season 2 premiere
Sunday -
6/9pm - ION - Journey to the Center of the Earth (a new remake)
9pm - CBS - The Russell Girl (Hallmark Hall of Fame with Amber Tamblyn)
10pm - AMC - Breaking Bad (watch this 2nd ep if we like the 1st one still on DVR)

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