Monday, January 28, 2008


Can anyone explain to me why it is necessary to make a flashlight that can burn paper in 15 seconds but only has a battery life of 15 minutes? Something a little less bright that lasts longer is fine for me.

The Lego is now 50 years old. CNet has a slideshow including some classics. To celebrate the anniversay, Lego is releasing an updated version of their original Town Plan set.

Scientists have developed a glass chip that can replace lab rats for most research.

Scientists are working on devices that generate energy from the vibration of falling raindrops.

Stanford has a site showing off a 3D-modeling system that takes normal 2D images and estimates structure, producing a 3D image which allows navigation. They even let you give it a try with your own photos.

This article from the LA Times sums up exactly why I am disgusted with pharmaceutical companies, and why it is turning around to hurt them now. I hope they change the way they operate, but I doubt it. has a podcast version of David Brin's story, The Crystal Spheres (I liked it when I read it about 20 years ago and wonder if it holds up).

Dead Like Me will be returning this summer as a TV movie, and if the ratings are high enough, they may bring it back as a series again. More details at SyFy Portal.

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