Thursday, January 24, 2008


The American Library Association has announced their first Reading List Awards for genre fiction. The site has a link to the press release (.doc) showing the winners and the nominees. Patrick Rothfuss won the fantasy category with his debut novel (I really need to read that for Campbell consideration), and Kathleen Ann Goonan won for SF.

Pixar has announced it will re-release the first 2 Toy Story movies in 3D prior to the release of Toy Story 3 in 2010.

A new "camera in a pill" has been developed as an easy, low cost diagnostic tool for esophageal cancer.

Scientists are making advances for transplants that may eliminate the need for lifelong anti-rejection drugs. A case that should be studied for this is the Australian girl who switched blood types and took on her donor's immune system after a liver transplant. has a bunch of new images of Mercury sent by the NASA Messenger probe.

Scientists are hoping to wipe out Dengue Fever by using genetically modified mosquitoes.

New models have explained how the asteroid killed the dinosaurs. Apparently it landed in deep water and the sulfer-rich sediments combining with the water vapor caused sulfate aerosols to pour down acid rain and cool the climate. There's more details at

ABC has released 1/3 of its scripts in development (about 35-40), the most of any network. Only NBC kept theirs.

Next Wednesday, ABC is going to repeat the 2-hour finale of Lost in an "enhanced" format. The bottom 1/3 of the screen will have text to let viewers in on the clues and get caught up before the new season.

There is supposed to be a Live Buffy Reunion in March at the Paley Festival. No cast has been announced yet. I hope if it actually happens that someone films it for those of us that won't be there.

SciFi is going to air 2 half-hour specials on Battlestar Galactica before the 4th season premiers April 4th. Probably a good idea since it will be more than a year since season 3 ended and the dvd won't be released until March 25th (not much time for rewatching unless you plan on a long marathon).

Marvel and Lionsgate studios have come to agreements with the writers.

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