Friday, January 4, 2008


Mr. Book Stacks is a new reviewer who is posting his 13 books he recommends (it is actually 13 authors, with significantly more than 13 books) so people can determine if they agree with him. Nice, and I've read (and enjoyed) 8 out of the 13, which makes me want to read the others.

Since the Hugo nomination period is now open, the Science Fiction Awards website is starting to collect pimping threads (posts where people list their eligible works).

Hotels for the 2008 Worldcon have been announced. Reservations can't be made until 1-21, so I still have a couple weeks to decide which one I want to stay in.

The movie of Inkheart will no longer premier in March. They have pushed back the date and not yet announced a new one. Too bad, the trailer actually looked good.

If you heard about the new battery limitations on flights and thought you'd never be able to travel with electronics again, CNet has clarified the rules, and they aren't quite as bad as they sounded.

Intel is leaving the One Laptop Per Child project.

The Battlestar Galactica season 3 dvd set (being released on March 23, probably after the new season starts) will include the online webisodes.

DVR for tonight:
Flash Gordon
Stargate Atlantis
9pm Women's Murder Club

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