Friday, January 11, 2008

1-11-08 has a calendar of 2008 events (planets lining up, eclipses, a meteor shower, etc.) that should be worth watching for stargazers.

The Hubble telescope has captured an image of a double Einstein ring, caused when galaxies line up, and the larger one in the foreground bends the light of the one(s) farther away, making it look like a distorted ring from a magnifying glass.

According to a recent study, switchgrass (a native North American perennial grass), is much better for making ethanol than corn. It can deliver 540% of the energy used to produce it, unlike the 24% from corn, and you only need to plant it once.

Disappointing: Microsoft has denied earlier stories that it is working with the One Laptop Per Child project to make dual-boot (with Linux) laptops. They want separate Windows laptops instead.

Sony music will be selling without DRM via Amazon, which sounds much more reasonable than the ridiculous plan they made to sell it themselves earlier in the week. (You have to go to a music store, buy a card, scratch off the back, hope you can read a code, and enter it on the website. If you've gone to all that trouble, why didn't you just buy the CD? Also, they only had 37 albums available.)

Despite protests from the ACLU and at least 17 states, it looks like Homeland Security has passed their Real ID requirement. Argggh.

There is talk about Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End coming to the big screen.

Best books of 2007 according to writers.

DVRs for tonight (Wow! It is actually a full lineup):
Flash Gordon
Stargate Atlantis
8pm Ghost Whisperer
9pm Moonlight & Monk
10pm Numb3rs & Psych

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