Wednesday, February 25, 2009


RIP Philip Jose Farmer. The author of The World of Tiers, Riverworld and many other books died in his sleep this morning at 91. Sources: SF Signal, Locus, Whatever and SF Scope.

Supernatural has been renewed for another season.

John Cusack has been cast in a time travel comedy.

Amazon's Kindle 2 started shipping this week, so now everyone has reviews. I'm glad that ebooks are getting more distribution and awareness, even though I will continue to use my Pocket PC as an ebook reader instead of buying a dedicated device like the Kindle. See: Wired, PC Magazine, CNet, and Business Week.

Stargate Universe has cast 2 more people (that I haven't seen in enough to make them recognizable). This was corrected at another site as 4 people, one of whom is Lou Diamond Phillips.

Special Effects company Weta made a mermaid tail for a woman whose legs were amputated. has an article explaining that some UFO sightings are actually a phenomenon known as sprites, which are triggered by lightning from thunderstorms. The photo they show is great.

BBC radio is including a lot of science fiction in its schedule this year.

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