Monday, March 2, 2009


SF Site has listed their Reader's Choice Best of 2008.

It sounds like we won't see the Pushing Daisies season 2 dvd until ABC airs the final 3 episodes (which they haven't scheduled) or their rights to them expire in September.

An "super" antibody has been discovered that might help create a universal vaccine for the flu. Two such discoveries in a month must mean they're getting close, right?

DVRs for the week:
Mon 6pm Kyle XY
Mon 8pm Chuck & Big Bang Theory
Mon 830 How I Met Your Mother
Mon 9pm Heroes & 2.5 Men
Mon 10pm Medium
Tues 8pm Reaper (season premiere)
Wed 9pm Lost
Wed 10pm Life on Mars
Thu 7pm Burn Notice
Thu 8pm My Name is Earl
Thu 9pm CSI
Thu 10pm Eleventh Hour
Fri 7pm Battlestar Galactica
Fri 8pm Ghost Whisperer & Sarah Connor Chronicles
Fri 9pm Dollhouse
Fri 10pm Numb3rs
Sat SYN Legend of the Seeker
Sat 6pm Ashes to Ashes (premiere of BBCA Life on Mars sequel)

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