Monday, February 23, 2009


List Universe has the Top 20 Science Fiction Films of the 80s. Strange things about this: 1) I haven't actually seen them all (only about 13/20 or 22/31) and 2) They manage to find 20 films in one decade (31 if you count the bonus and notable omissions section) and I still feel there are movies that were left off (esp. Enemy Mine). I guess it was a better decade for SF than I remembered.

Asimov's has put their Nebula-nominated stories online for free reading. Note: if you haven't nominated for the Hugos, but plan to before the deadline this Saturday, 2 of these stories are eligible.

SF Signal
lists a bunch of other short fiction that has recently been posted online.

More complications with the merging of TV and internet: Hulu has been forced to stop distributing video through and Boxee. Content providers really think they can stop people watching web videos on their TVs by disallowing the legal, ad-supported companies? They are just going to drive more people to Bittorrent. See more at: CNet Social, CNet Digital Media, and Techdirt.

NBC and Wired both have articles about advancements in nano electronics that dramatically increases maximum storage density (they can fit 250 dvds in a device the size of a quarter).

BBC News has concept art for the UK's new reusable spaceship (that just got funding).

DVRs for the week:
Mon 6pm Kyle XY & The Closer
Mon 8pm Chuck & House
Mon 9pm Heroes
Mon 10pm Medium
Tue 7pm Leverage
Wed 9pm Lost & Life
Wed 10pm CSI:NY & Life on Mars
Thu 7pm Burn Notice
Thu 9pm CSI
Thu 10pm Eleventh Hour
Fri 7pm Battlestar Galactica
Fri 8pm Ghost Whisperer & Sarah Connor Chronicles
Fri 9pm Dollhouse
Fri 10pm Numb3rs
Sat SYN Legend of the Seeker

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