Friday, November 14, 2008


The WALL*E dvd will have a short called BURN*E on it. SciFi Wire has comments from the director and a couple photos.

Marc Forster (the director of the new 007 movie, Stranger than Fiction, etc.) has been named director of World War Z (zombie movie with screenplay by JMS).

Emma Thompson is planning a 2nd Nanny McPhee movie. has the first pictures ever captured of planets from another solar system. CNet also has a slideshow. also has newly restored photos of the moon taken over 40 years ago (and then buried with a tape system that wasn't used).

Australian cord blood has been used to save a woman with a deadly form of leukemia who had no bone marrow matches.

Researchers are working at making replacement heart valves from cord blood for children born with heart defects so they don't need to have repeated surgeries to replace artificial parts as they grow.

An HIV+ leukemia patient received bone marrow treatment from a donor with a gene known to be resistant and now shows no sign of HIV.

Yahoo! has thoroughly messed up my RSS feeds, so more news will have to wait until I figure out a better way to find it.

DVR for tonight:
Stargate: Atlantis
Ghost Whisperer

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