Friday, November 21, 2008


Jo Walton has a great post at about Fantasy of Manners (comedy of manners books that are fantasy). Since I love quite a few of the mentioned books, I may have to track down some of the others (as well as those mentioned in the linked articles). In the comment thread, they extend the discussion to Science Fiction of Manners, which is a term I've never used, even if I love the books.

Tricia Helfer (6 from BSG) will guest star on Chuck later this season.

The world's first biofuel-powered flying car will make a test flight in January.

Huge underground glaciers were found near the equator of Mars.

ABC has officially canceled Pushing Daisies. :( The final episode will end in a cliffhanger, but Bryan Fuller promises to wrap up the story, whether that is in a movie or a comic. More detailed article at E!.

DVRs for tonight:
Stargate: Atlantis
Ghost Whisperer

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