Monday, September 8, 2008


SF Signal has a look at all the network genre TV shows starting soon. Remember, if you want to see what non-genre shows are opposite these in the timeslots, check out the schedule grid at Futon Critic.

Apple has admitted the idea for the iPod came from a product which was patented in the UK in 1979 and had the rights expire before ever being developed. The inventor is now getting acknowledgment and compensation.

CNet Crave has a slideshow of a hybrid car that comes as a kit you can build at home.

It sounds like there will be a 3rd Ghostbusters movie.

SciFi Wire has 10 SciFi movies guaranteed to make you cry. I've only seen 5, but I tend to agree with the moments they highlighted in those.

NBC isn't allowing their actors to appear in the Scrubs finale since it will be on a different network. Petty.

Fossils of forests up to 300 million years old have been found in an Illinois coal mine.

DVR for tonight:
The Closer
Sarah Connor Chronicles (2nd season premiere)

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