Wednesday, September 3, 2008


SF Signal has an article about next month's final mission to upgrade the Hubble Telescope. In it, they link to a great site, The Big Picture, that I may need to visit more often.

It sounds like there's a possibility that Red Dwarf may be coming back with new material. has announced their fall lineup, and some of the shows (including Chuck) are going to be available from them 1 week before they air on TV. They also have some episodes and recaps from last season for those shows you want to catch up on (like the last 1/2 season of Life I missed).

The final Stephenie Meyer Twilight book will be delayed. Part of the early manuscript was leaked online, and it upset her so much she's holding off on finishing the book.

CNet has an analysis of alternative fuels by Toyota.

DVR for tonight:
8pm Bones (new season starts tonight with a 2-hour show!)

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