Tuesday, September 2, 2008


RIP Don LaFontaine. You may not know the name or face, but if you've ever watched TV or movies, you've probably heard his voiceovers.

SF Signal has an Otherworld marathon in honor of Labor Day. I remember watching this show back when it originally aired.

Wired has 10 Geeky Movies to Raise Your Kids On. I've seen 9 of them and definitely agree with some, but not all, of their choices.

The DC-X rocket ship was honored for its contributions during a 15th anniversary gathering.

Google is releasing their own browser today. It is called Chrome, and should have an impact on the other browsers, if only to spur them on to improve and innovate faster. Sources: CNet article looking at key features, early review, CNet article looking at browser impact, and SFGate article.

New enzyme research may lead to a new way to treat cancer.

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